Where can I find the game?

The game is not yet released however when it does, it will be available on Roblox.

What language will the game be available in?

The game will only support English.

How can I report a Discord user who violated one of the server rules?

To report a user from the Discord server, please head to the "support" channel under the Report category and create a standard ticket. After a ticket has been opened, a member of staff will be with you as soon as they can! DM advertising claims require proof otherwise we cant prove your claim.

How do I apply to be a Moderator?

To apply to become a Moderator, you must wait until applications are open. When applications are open, they will be announced in the announcements channel and moderator applications will open on the website.

How can I appeal a ban or moderation action?

You may appeal any moderation action taken against you. To appeal bans, please contact us at support@chaoschase.com. To appeal to other moderation actions, please open a support ticket.

Why am I not allowed to post a link?

You are not allowed to post any links as they could have various consequences if clicked.

Why did my nickname get moderated?

If your nickname has been changed, this means it was deemed a violation of the server rules. You may request it changed simply by DMing a Moderator.