I hope everyone had a wonderful new year!

To address the elephant in the room, I apologize for not being so communicative during Q4 of 2022. My academic responsibilities were demanding of my time; however, with the start of the new year, I plan to be more communicative by providing more frequent updates and teasers.

During my winter break, I dedicated my time to developing a revamped UI theme focused on interaction, animations, and visual effects. I will slowly release teasers since the UI is still in the prototype framing phase and has yet to be implemented into our code infrastructure.

In terms of building, we have added more non-interactable buildings, finished the tunnel, and added several improvements to other previous builds. We are currently working on completing the prison's interior and coordinating its design with the map's level design to account for methods of escaping the prison.

I don't want to draw up any expectations for a planned release yet, but we hope to finish the map by April and then push out the final programming tasks by May. However, this is a rough timeline and is by no means an official release date.

Expect the next dev log to drop at the end of February. Thank you for tuning in and supporting the development of CHAOS CHASE. 👋🏼