Hey there 👋🏼,

Again, sorry about the wait; I had a lot of academic responsibilities, especially as it my senior year. Midterms & Labs :/

The good news is that I finished designing and importing all the UI! This is a big milestone as it means scripting can go on without any hiccups.

I have also provided our scripter contractor with the project brief and UI framework and came to an agreement to complete the remainder of the programming tasks of the game by next month so we can integrate BETA testing immediately to mitigate extended timelines and get feedback.

The building has yet to see much development. Currently, we are working on designing the police headquarters, which is a point of interest building on the map.

I want to assure everyone that CHAOS CHASE is coming soon, so stay tuned! I appreciate everyone who has been following the progress so far and wish you all a wonderful day.