This dev log marks a particular time for CHAOS CHASE because it defines a new beginning since we rebranded. The new logo and typeface give us a much-needed fresh start.

To start things off, one of the biggest problems I stated last dev log was that we needed an animator. Thankfully, I found one, and he is currently working on developing animations, getting us a step closer to a completed weapon system.

Regarding building, we completed the prison construction, which is one of the main points of interest within the game. Furthermore, we worked on and are continuously developing the farmlands/rural area of the game. Also, we laid out the site for the docks, expanded some roads, and added some touch-ups to the terrain. Lastly, we produced over one hundred prop models to decorate the map.

Even though development has been getting slower since everyone returns to school, we have made significant strides showing tangible results and progress. Thank you all for tuning in and your support, and on behalf of the CHAOS CHASE team, we wish you a great rest of your day.