CHAOS CHASE has come so far. From a small project with a small group of developers to an entire administration department, moderation department, and most importantly, a multi collaborative effort through our development department. From a small scope project to a large map with multiple missions, assets, and exceptional graphic fidelity. We are so humbled by all the support we have received from both the community and contributing developers. It is with great pleasure to inform you that we are in our final stages of development. We spent the time fixing bugs in our systems based on the feedback of the Gameplay Tester team and implementing missing systematic features. All we have left regarding scripting at our current stage is a couple of small tasks, monetization, some absent UI effects, and our weapon and locker system. As much as this is all excellent news, we faced various roadblocks along the way, such as time restrictions due to scheduling. Furthermore, we have not yet found a modeler to model the rest of our police team vehicles, forcing us to consider the possibility of releasing BETA with just one police vehicle. Even though we faced some challenges, we managed to persevere through the support of the community. Once again, be sure to keep an eye on the #📢┃teasers channel over at our Discord server!