The applicant must have no moderation action on their record. 

Moderators may be exposed to some adult content that may be unsettling to some users. By applying you fully note that and waive any and all liability on CHAOS CHASE.

Applicants are not guaranteed a position.  Contacting the staff team and begging will not sway our decision. Thus it could result in further moderation action on your behalf.

Applications are reviewed by Head Admins. Some of the application guidelines that we use to judge applications are as professionalism, punctuation, responsibility, and an overall good judge of character.

Upon submitting an application, you understand that it is final, and submitting another one will disregard both applications.

Upon acceptance, applicants will be given the Trainee Moderator role on our Discord server. Trainee Moderators will stay that way for one full week. Upon the ending of the week, Head Moderators+ will deem if you are effective enough to join the Moderator Team. If you are denied, you will return as a regular member.