If you would like to be a part of the Gameplay Tester team, then please apply now to be a Gameplay Tester for CHAOS CHASE.

As a Gameplay Tester, your job is to test the game and look for any bugs or issues. Afterward, you must then report it and help us reproduce the bug so we know how to fix it.

You would be providing us with valuable insight that can never be seen from the developer's perspective as you will be simulating the actions of an actual player, and players notice things that the developers might have missed.

Some other key elements you must look out for include:

• Level Design

• UI Design

• Music

• Map

• Balancing

• Asset functionality

• System functionality

• Exploit vulnerability

• Systematic weaknesses

Keep an eye on our announcements channel over on our Discord server to notify you when applications open again in case they are closed.