• Any form of excessive slurs will result in a warning. We allow light swearing that's done within moderation and not meant to disrespect anyone else.

• Any comments made oppressing someone's race, religion, gender, disability, etc will be met with a moderation action based on the severity of the comments.

18+ content

• Any form of content that is not family-friendly will be met with a permanent ban with no revocation. Examples of such are pornography, nudity, sexual posts, and any other posts with such intent.

Discord ToS and Community Guidelines

• All Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines apply to this server.

• Users that are under 13 will be permanently banned and reported to Discord directly.


• Links are not allowed to be sent my general members of the community as links may be malicious and harmful when clicked.

• Tenor gifs or any other gif links are also not allowed to be sent. This rule applies to all kinds of links. Posting a link will result in a warning.


• Sending 7 or more repeated messages within a short period of time will result in a warning.

Impersonation of Staff

• Things considered as impersonation are using the same nickname, username, tag, and badges.

• Any form of impersonation is not tolerated and will be met with a permanent ban.


• Any form of DM and or chat advertising will result in a permanent ban.


• Exploiting is quite a big concept however anything that is a security breach is considered an exploit such as bypassing, raiding, etc.

• Doing so will result in a permanent ban of all the responsible parties as well as a thorough investigation from our Head Admin Team and a full report sent to Discord Trust and Safety.


• Excessively pining someone or doing so for no reason will result in a warning.

Controversial topics

• Controversial topics such as religion, sex, race, politics, global initiatives, etc are not to be discussed as they could cause heated arguments between community members.

• Doing so will result in a warning.


• Not following through with giveaway requirements and guidelines will result in your entry being revoked.

• Exploiting the giveaway in any way shape or form will result in a permanent ban. Examples of such are raiding the giveaway, resetting the reactions, use of alternative accounts, etc.

Voice chat

• Earraping will result in a warning.

• Excessively joining and leaving multiple voice chats will result in a warning.

• Disturbing and or talking over others will result in a warning.


• No swear words or rude nicknames

• Your nickname must be written on a standard English keyboard.

• Only 1 emoji is allowed and it has to be at the end of your name.

• Violating any of the following rules will result in a change of nickname.

By verifying and accepting the rules you agree to adhere to the following rules. If you are caught in violation of any rule, you will be liable to moderation action at the discretion of the moderation team. You are still expected to follow the rules even if they change without notice. If you are caught in violation of Discord Terms of Service and or the Community Guidelines, you will be penalized according to our server rules and you will be reported to Discord. CHAOS CHASE is not liable for the action of other parties as such of Staff. If you feel you have been wrongfully punished and or caught another staff member in violation of a server rule, please create a staff report ticket and our Head Administrators will start an investigation.